products and softwares


  • gps Leica gs10

Leica gs10 GPS of Sitalia is used with the connection via GNSS instrumentation (Siemens MC45 GSM modem) to the ItalPos network that allows real time correction of the collected data. These data are also recorded on an external support for the subsequent post-processing phase.

  • gps Leica gg02

This instrument of Sitalia is used for expeditious topographic surveys, it is useful for preliminary site inspections but also, thanks to the connection to the ItalPos network, for detailed topographic surveys. It therefore proves to be a versatile device that is suitable for any kind of environmental situation. Data management is done through Zeno Connect tool, which allows to receive data sent via bluetooth from the GG02plus antenna and to receive at the same time the correction from the Internet.

  • Leica zeno 20

Handheld with Android operating system equipped with the Leica Zeno and Zeno Connect Mobile software for correction RTK and GPS data logging.
The Sitalia uses it for precision measurements with their Android applications



  • autocad MAP

Leica Geo Office v. 8.3 software is used for the post-processing of topographic surveys, allowing to achieve optimal results even in prohibitive survey conditions.

  • LEICA Zeno Connect

Leica Zeno Connect software allows to receive information from the LEICA GG02plus Smart-Antenna, from the ItalPos network, providing a corrected GPS position in real time. This information is made available also on other software such as PKMAPS V3 for the geolocation of elements to be surveyed.