BIM GIS products

For over 10 years the Company has been developing a BIM GIS IT solution that makes use of 3 main components:
• PKBIM office software;
• Android applications for outdoor use;
• the database on an AGID certified server.

The development activity began with the management and maintenance of the Assets related to the Road Cadastre, and then expanded over time with the part linked to the technological networks, the Land and Building Cadastre.
The experience gained has allowed us to provide both survey and data management services on 24'000 km of secondary roads in the Ivory Coast, the census of over 20'000 ha of land registry and related buildings also in the Costa d ' Ivory, our tools are also used by the Traffic Service of the Province of Pisa in the daily management of over 800km of Provincial roads.
All software development is done internally at Sitalia and Sitinfra, therefore there are no links with other software manufacturers, this allows a complete customization of the products and the possibility of new developments.

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