Census of real estate assets

We developed InfoHouse application, usable on Android tablets and smartphones with integrated GPS, to realize the census of real estate assets (buildings, bare land) and the geolocation of the property assets surveyed.
This application saves in real time, in a database that is available for consultation on the web, all the information about the identified element. InfoHouse is divided into several sub-modules, each of which allows entering certain information, in particular:

  • geographical location - in addition to GPS coordinates the administrative area  is identified, from the highest level to the localization of the single lot (eg: district, region, department, sub-prefecture, town, hamlet, quarter, building complex, block, lot)
  • property identification - name of the structure, type (villa, family house, apartment block, flat), building size, lot size, usable surface, total surface, number of floors, date of acquisition, date of commissioning, nature of occupation
  • property use - office, health centre (general hospital, private clinic, etc.), school (nursery, primary, secondary, college, high school, university, vocational training centre), sports facilities (stadium, sports complex), other
  • legal nature of the property - type of ownership (owned, rented), name of the person responsible , contacts, data concerning rent portion, date of sale, number of end of payment certificate , other
  • identification of the occupants - surname, name, function, serial number, nationality, type and number of identity document, contacts, ministry/structure of membership, date of registration, other
  • external/internal state of building - the internal and external appearance of the building is defined through a simple check-list (type of coverage, external cladding, water supply, power supply, execution of maintenance works, other)
  • photo - currently, the user has the possibility to associate six (6) photos for each identified property.



After having added the information and recorded the GPS coordinates of a certain property, the user has the possibility to view a PDF document which summarizes all the information entered and the photos taken. In addition to PDF, also XML files are created for each registered property, in order to then import them into a database that can be consulted via web. The storage of data inside the device allows making the census even without internet coverage and also the storage of data in local always satisfy the privacy conditions thanks to an encryption system. The encryption of data is maintained even during the sending of data to the server.

InfoHouse is a very simple and practical program, as the user has only to enter the information concerning each topic and XML/PDF files are then automatically created.

This application has been used in the period from March to June 2015 for the census of real estate assets of Ivory Coast State in the regions of:

  • PORO





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