Census and the geolocation of criminal facts

Crime App is the application developed for the census and the geolocation of criminal facts.

Crime App can be installed on smartphones and tablets, exploiting the GPS and the built-in camera, to associate any event with photos and exact geographic location.
In addition the compilation of sheets allows to enter the agent's data, to set the type of crime according to a well-defined classification, to input the information about involved people, whether they are victims, witnesses or offenders.

It is possible to associate to the criminal event also some audio recordings useful to speed up the survey phase.
The application will send essential information to DB BIM database, allowing a first viewing on the web of the event. That data must then be validated thanks to the use of PKBIM software which will allow to complete the compilation or to change/add some information; that step will allow the manager to definitively validate the event and to permanently store it on DB BIM.

The transfer of information meets European standards for the processing of sensitive data, using adequate protocols and encryption systems.

- EASY to use
- COMPLETENESS of collected data
- REPORTING in real-time of the criminal event





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